fun ways to spend paid ad profits

Funny story:

I met a long-time client in person for the first time last week while on vacation in Mexico City:

This was actually a bit surreal...

Because I've written his ads for the past 3 years...

And in that time, he's gone from spending less than 10k/m to 250k/m+ on ads and collected multiple 7 figures in cash along the way.

Much of which has come from ads I've written.

Now, my contribution is just one small piece of the puzzle.

In fact, my partner at the agency who manages the ad account deserves the lion's share of the credit for scaling it to the moon.

Plus this client is an amazing teacher...

And he's developed a brilliant methodology that's helped thousands of people achieve a lifelong goal.

Not to mention he's maybe the most laid back client I've ever worked with.

So it couldn't have happened to a better person.

Regardless, I'm very proud of the work I've done for him + the impact I've had on his business.

Anyway, at dinner, I asked about the cost of living in CDMX...

And found out he and his fiancee live in an absolutely baller place...

(I'd expect nothing less)

Then she chimed in to say:

"So yeah... thanks for financing our sauna and cold plunge!"


They're also going to Paris for the Summer Olympics in July...

So talk about a few fun ways to spend those paid ad profits.

On a more serious note:

I left the evening with multiple insights...

But the one that's freshly re-tattooed on my forehead is the power of paid ads.

Sure, building an organic audience is great...

And I'm continuing to expand mine...

Yet I have to admit I've soured a little in recent days on the tradeoffs vs payoffs in comparison to paid ads.

Case in point:

This client doesn't post at all on social media.

He doesn't lose a wink of sleep over reach, engagement, carousels vs infographics, or the algorithm suppressing his content.

Heck, he barely even emails his list...

Despite occasional protests from yours truly lol

But that hasn't stopped him from building a 7-figure business.

Because ads guarantee distribution.

And if you can solve for an average order value (AOV) that's higher than your cost-per-acquisition (CPA)...

Well, then Bob's your uncle.

That's why I've been quietly working on a new 4-page acquisition funnel I'll be testing with paid ads in the coming weeks.

I'll let you know how it goes ;)

And truth be told...

This is all part of my bigger vision to design a "lean newsletter" system where I can harness the power of both organic & paid traffic as efficiently as possible.

Something I suspect you’ll find intriguing if you’re a fellow newsletter publisher.

But in the meantime, one thing's for sure:

No matter how successful this proves to be...

You can miss me with that cold plunge 😂

Jim Hamilton