how to write newsletters that subscribers love to read

Not-so-shocking statistic:

Most of my readers need help getting their newsletter started.

But, according to a recent batch of responses to my onboarding survey…

Almost 20% need help with writing them:

And let’s face it…

If the content inside your newsletter sucks, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have.

No one’s gonna stick around for long.

So what’s the secret to writing newsletters that your subscribers love to read?

One word:


Because your job isn’t just to teach…

It’s also to entertain.

How-to information can be found anywhere.

Claude, Gemini, and ChatGPT are spewing it out 24/7.

That’s not what turns random strangers into True Fans who buy everything you sell.

Instead, it’s perspective and personality.

Subscribers want to buy from people who vibe with them.

And the most effective way to show your tribe you vibe with them is through storytelling.


Personal anecdotes from your own life & business.

The kicker here is using these anecdotes to reveal useful lessons for your audience.

Take this email for example…

I didn’t architect a 13-part Hero’s Journey.

I simply shared a quick story about responses to my onboarding survey…

Which, in turn, reveals a lesson about the importance of writing newsletters your subscribers want to binge just as badly as the latest season of Bridgerton.

See how that works?

The story acts as a tasty outer shell for the nutritious bit of value at the center.

Sprinkle in a simile, metaphor, analogy or two for seasoning and you’re pretty much golden.

So if you’re looking to write more engaging newsletters…

That your subscribers quickly become addicted to…

Then keep this in mind.

Jim Hamilton


I have an online course that goes deep on how to do this step-by-step so you can sell more of your own products and services through your newsletter.

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  • PLUS: Watch me write an email that sells in less than 15 minutes

  • And lots more

If I made this available again, would you be interested in buying it?

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