sprints vs glides

Summer is here.

And I'm soooo ready for it 🤘

Here's a sneak peek of what I've got planned over the next few months:

- cottage with fam for Canada Day long weekend
- 4 days in Myrtle Beach for agency offsite
- staycation with wife to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary 
- 1 week at another cottage for my cousin's 50th birthday

Not to mention I was just in Mexico City last week.

All this to say:

I've begun deliberately downshifting on the work front...

So I can squeeze every drop of fun out of the summer months.

I like to view the calendar year in "sprints vs glides"...

Because you can't be pushing all the time.

Especially when the weather's great.

I've made this mistake numerous times in the past.

And what ends up happening is...

- I can't go all-in because there's too many distractions, social commitments, etc
- I can't fully enjoy the fun parts either because I'm thinking about work

It's lose-lose.

You can't ride two horses with one ass, as they say.

So for now, I'm embracing the glide...

Then come September, I'll shift back into high gear.

If you haven't yet given some thought to how your priorities should fluctuate throughout the year...

I recommend doing so.

Delaying gratification is a must if you want to build a business that gives you freedom...

But if you want to cultivate an elite work ethic...

Then you need an elite rest ethic to match.

Don't let the good times pass you by.

Do you have any fun plans this summer?

Hit "Reply" and let me know.

I'd love to hear about them :)

Jim Hamilton