surprising welcome survey results

I recently added welcome surveys to both of my newsletters.

Now, in some cases, they’re confirming what I already know.

But in others, not so much.

For example…

I’ve always felt that the majority of the subscribers to my freelancing newsletter were writers.

This is based on what type of content typically performs best…

Poll responses…

And just a general gut feeling.

So I’ve been operating on the assumption that I’m speaking primarily to copywriters, ghostwriters, content writers, etc when I’m producing the newsletter each week.

Now imagine my surprise to see these results:

Writers make up just 17.6% of the responses I’ve received so far.

Design and Tech are both prominent segments…

Along with Other.

Which is a bit of a headscratcher tbh lol

Anyway, point is:

My audience is much more diversified than I thought…

Ultimately shedding new light for me on how to better serve & monetize them.

This is reason #56742 why I love Beehiiv:

Their surveys are super easy to deploy.

And responses are mapped to custom fields in each subscriber record…

So I can use any one of them to create hyper-targeted segments.

Like I’ll be doing for each “work type” within my freelance audience.

This granular data becomes even more valuable if you’re trying to monetize via sponsorships.

Something I’m beginning to do more of.

(In fact, a company that sponsors Huberman Lab, Modern Wisdom, etc is going to be sponsoring my freelancing newsletter in the coming weeks - pretty cool!)

All this to say:

Surveys are one reason among many to publish your email newsletter on Beehiiv.

Plus if you use my affiliate link to sign up…

You’ll get a free 30-day trial + 20% off your first 3 months of any paid plan.

And if you do sign up for a paid plan…

Make sure to forward the receipt to [email protected] once you’ve been billed.

I’ll send you a secret link you can use to book a 30-min newsletter coaching call with me, on the house.

Here’s my link one more time:

Jim Hamilton