WBW: reverse lead magnets, belief chains & curating info streams

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So each week, I share 4 things to make you a better writer:

- 1 piece of copy to swipe
- 1 piece of content to consume
- 1 prompt to write
- 1 quote to ponder

Let’s dive in…

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Copy to swipe:

If you’re active on social media, you may be familiar with Matt Gray.

I’m a fan of his and have taken his course.

Despite his past proclamations about spending $0 on ads, he’s recently taken the red pill and started running cold traffic to this VSL (video sales letter) funnel, which is designed to generate sales calls for his high-ticket course.

Note the simplicity of it.

There isn’t much to distract you or generate objections.

This is crucial to maximize opt-in rate, regardless of whether you’re driving cold or warm traffic.

I’ve added it to my swipe file and recommend you do the same.

Manifesto to read:

This is what’s called a “reverse lead magnet.”

That’s because you get to consume the content first and the opt-in is at the end.

Whereas a typical lead magnet asks for your email first, then delivers the content after.

It’s one of Andre Chaperon’s signature techniques.

And it’s unlike anything else you’ll find on the internet.

So the reasons to read it are two-fold:

To study it as a marketing asset, and to explore his new thesis on becoming a sovereign creator.

Prompt to write:

“What chain of beliefs does my audience need to have before they buy?”

Conventional copywriting has you focus on:

- Problems
- Benefits
- Solutions
- Etc etc

But another way to frame persuasion is in terms of beliefs.

Specifically, the chain of beliefs your audience needs to have in place before they buy.

Use this prompt to brainstorm all the different beliefs you can think of…

Then reorder them in a logical way.

Figure out which one has to come first, second, third, etc.

This creates the persuasive architecture for your sales pages, email sequences, etc.

Quote to ponder:

"Almost every idea that you have is downstream from what you consume."

— James Clear

We live in an information abundant environment.

The hard part isn’t finding it — it’s knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

This is why curation is more important than ever.

Something I take great care in when writing this newsletter for you each week.

Because your info stream will dictate your future thoughts.

Choose wisely.

That’s it.

Thanks for reading!

See you next time.

Jim Hamilton


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