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What People Are Saying

“I've worked with Jim for 5, 6, 7 years now and he was literally one of the first people I ever met in the space back when I was scrapping things together with my agency. This dude's just been automatic ever since I've known him. And not only is he automatic on every single thing I've ever asked him to do, but at the same time, he's extremely fast.”


“We run a mid 8-figure health business and Jim has really helped us expand that. We figured out the other day he's brought in an extra $464,000 to our company through email advertising, Facebook advertising, and content. He's very passionate about digital marketing and copywriting. Some of the stuff he's writing is really impressing me.”

Kriss BergThrive Health

“Jim is an unbelievable copywriter. He found my voice SO quickly! The moment I got copy back from Jim, I didn't have to tweak it at all or change anything. The other thing, which I think is his hidden superpower, is the understanding of the strategy. The funnels, the email sequences, and how it's all supposed to flow together.”

Justin MooreCreator Wizard

“Jim is to copywriting what Michael Jordan is to basketball - he is a master craftsman that makes it look so easy.”

Jeff MatlowBy Title Only

“Just wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you know I loved last week's newsletter.

I never realized how much ChatGPT loves those dumb rhetorical questions until you pointed it out. 🤣

I updated the custom instructions as well after reading it and it seems to be helpful.

I find that kind of advice much more useful than just lists of prompts. ”

Matt ThomasWriting4Robots

“I was dreading all of these trending write ups fashionably called newsletters. I hated them. Most of them served as a reminder on what I should not do. I then, read Jim's post...

It was about 1 specific copywriting topic... scrolled down and there it was - another newsletter -_-

I subscribed to study it anyway. Few months down the line - I am blown away. My mind actively waits for his posts.

Because then that amazing email dropping in my inbox becomes a reward. not a chore.

He's not sassy. or snappy. or anything. He's incredibly wise. That's what I like. Subscribe at your own risk - you might want it more”

Sadiya MullaGhostwriter

“Subscribing to Jim's newsletter for the past 4 months has been a great choice for improving my copywriting game. Jim's advice is not only actionable but also easy to understand and implement. His expertise shines through in every email. Thanks to one of his emails, I was able to improve the webinar strategy and message for one of my clients. I highly recommend his newsletter to anyone looking to up their copywriting skills.”

Gjorgji CvetkovskiCopywriter

“I love reading your newsletter every week Jim! I always learn something super valuable!”

Blair SharpThe Relatable Creator

“This series is absolutely eye-opening for me!! So many takeaways. Some of it I’ve heard before (have an email list) but you’ve presented it in a way that really makes sense to my brain with a lot more depth yet in easy to understand terms! Talk about establishing yourself as an authority so fast:) ”

V. H.

“PS - today's NL was that hot sauce. It's weird because its the stuff I've learned and already know...but its the nuggets that you forget and need to save. Will be using them for future titles, hooks, email openers, etc. Simple, useful, and able to be implemented within minutes. The best kind of content.”

Ryan HutchinsonContent Science